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"TRANSFORMATIONAL WORK! There is the posibility to enlighten the patients and clear the core of their distress, disease and bring greater wellness and peace into their life. Marie-Anne, you bring a such open hearted acceptance and love to your work. Your patience in everything you do is a reminder to slow down, breath and appreciate each moment that brings hope and greater possibilities to my work and life! I am looking forward to working with you soon! " Dr Lynn van Metre, Chiropractic medicine - CA.

"Marie, thank you for sharing such important information, I've been telling all my friends how fascinating was your course.  I want to know so much more. [...] Your presentation was great, your knowledge of the material was evident in the way you answered questions, you are very intuitive, I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Thank you again, and may you reap all the blessings you give to others and more. Love."   Veronica, Orlando, FL

"Marie, you bring a wonderful mix to training: your extensive knowledge is obvious plus your warmth, your openess, your genuine desire to help and serve others is apparent in all you do. I cannot thank you enough for your love and courage in bringing this work to the US. This knowledge is everything we've talked about, and everything I'd hope for- SO MANY ANSWERS - and it's only the beginning. It is the "missing" link for all the work I do, both on myself and others. I know I can revolutionize my life by using this work, then hopefully be even more effective in working with others. I absolutely recommand this seminar to those who really want to understand and resolve their issues and help others to do the same. With Love and gratitude. " Jan Herlocker, Corporate leadership trainer - York, PA.

" The knowledge in term of quantity is enormous for the few days we have. The quality of the teaching is amazing. It changes my life and the way I see illness. It helps people to grow and live a better life without fears." Irma Oramas, sociologist, nutrition consultant - Orlando, Florida. German New Medicine PractitionerGerman New Medicine Practitioner - German New Medicine Practitioner - -

"I like this work... it's the road to no more fear!" Jane, California.

"This has been an incredible learning experience. My mind will not think the same as it has in the past when working with a client. I am now encouraged to be more compassionate with my clients knowing that there is more involved than what is in front of me. My life is changed for ever. I recommend this seminar as it would give more people the opportunity to discover Biodecoding® and its wonderful healing information. Thank you for taking the time to share such incredible information. I have grown in "emotions" in ways I have never known. Thank you again." Kim, Health & Life coach - York, PA.

"Marie, I so appreciate your shining spirit and sharing what you believe in. Your love with others and your radiant joy is healing itself. With all of Loving Light." Tamara johnson, Author and Natural Healer. Retreats for Healing - GA

"Marie, I appreciate your kindness, gentleness, sensitivity and willingness to share all of your knowledge fully and with humility. Merci beaucoup." Gloria - CA

"Marie, I will be eternally grateful for all that I have learned through the seminars and all that I am healing and continue to heal. Thank you for being all heart." Tommi, Natural Healer - PA





Multiple sclerosis

"This short message to tell you that I am going much better. At the time I am writing you, I can say that I don't feel ill at all anymore (I touch wood), in my body and my mind. Most of physical signs has disappeared at the big surprise of my doctor who told me that maybe it was not what he thought (?) and I really feel that I can move on in my life again - as it was THE problem. I finally decided to go back in my family in South of France in January. If something important happens again in my life, be certain that I will contact you and make the trip to Paris." Marie-Therese B., Neuilly sur Seine (France)German New Medicine Practitioner -German New Medicine Practitioner - German New Medicine Practitioner - German New Medicine Practitioner - German New Medicine Practitioner -


Breast Cancer

"I want to share my insight and thoughts especially in those moment where we have to be strong in our decisions. Illness is a journey where you have to walk alone but it will transform you and make you evolve. That's what I have learned with Marie-Anne with the Biodecoding® work I did with her. I changed and deprogramed my negative life patterns in order to heal. I also change my nutrition habits. These 2 basic tools made a huge difference in my healing process. I encourage you to do the same and receive the best that Marie gave me. I hope you will find the confidence and the courage to stay strong in your healing decisions." Irma Oramas, Orlando, FL


Painful and deformed hipbone - Cartilage degeneration

"Since the sessions, I've had significant understandings and changes in my body. It is MUCH easier to get up from a chair and out of the bed without discomfort. I walk MUCH easier and more balanced. Thank you for your talent with this work and your attention and compassion during the process. It was a VERY important experience for me." Jess L., Miami, FL



"It is a great pleasure to share my experience that I had with the Biodecoding® work as it worked wonderfully for me. I was 34 years old when I went to visit Marie at her office in Paris. I was struggling again with anorexia for almost a year. Signs started 2 months after the departure of my husband who was relocated in South Africa for his job. It took me just one session to understand what was happening in my life. I was re-experiencing the same experience that I already had during my chilhood, when my father was also relocated in South America (Argentina) for his job as well. We did some work during the session to deprogram the emotional cause. This allowed me to be more peaceful with myself and take a decision on my choices of life. I know that I needed to work more deeply on the emotional level but at this time it was a big step for me. Marie Anne also helped me with my diet, lifestyle and some food supplements which really helped me to reshape my body and ... my mind. Again, thank you very much." Caroline Herbert, Pantin, France


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