Biodecoding® is the art of decoding the language of the cells to resolve effectively the emotional cause of illness

An innovative approach to illness and emotional healing, Biodecoding® has been developped since 1993 by Christian Flèche who had the original idea to combine the most effective components of various groundbreaking concepts in order to offer a practical, coherent and effective healing method which targets the memory of the cells.

Biodecoding® integrates in whole or in part the concepts of

--- Dr Milton Erickson (hypnotherapy)

--- John Grinder and Richard Bandler (Neuro-linguistic Programming - NLP)

--- Dr Geerd Ryke Hamer (German New Medicine®),

--- Dr Anne Ancelin-Schutzenberger (psycho-biogenealogy),

--- Bert Hellinger (Family Constellations),

--- Marc Fréchet (Project-purpose of the child; Memorized Biological Cellular Cycles),

--- Gestalt therapy, modern and traditional psychology and few other concepts.

Biodecoding® is a new way of decoding any type of symptoms (physical, emotional and mental) and resolve their underlying bio-emotional and ancestral cause at the cellular level through a signature methodology. It is a complementary approach to any conventional and alternative treatments, which has the potential to unlock and speed up healing for permanent results.



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