Breast Cancer: When Nature Talks

by Marie A. Boularand - Natural Awakenings Magazine - March 2007



Have you ever tried to understand why you developed breast cancer and not a liver or colon cancer? Why on the left or right side?  And what about metastasis? Is there any way to prevent them? Many questions that I was asking to myself when I received my first client with breast cancer many years ago. At that time I didn’t have a satisfying answer but today there are new discoveries that answer scientifically to those questions. When conventional medicines continue to claim that cancer is an uncontrolled random reaction which has to be destroyed by any means, on the other hand a new understanding of the biological laws of life reveals the wisdom and intelligence behind the disease.

The myth that you started your cancer 10 years ago is really a myth. Now we know that cancer is triggered in a fraction of second when facing a stressful life event. But in order to launch the program “disease” the situation has to fulfill 5 unconditional criteria: it has to be unexpected, traumatic, lived in isolation, without solution and long-lasting.  Here is a true story of an old female cat whose daughter got 10 kittens. As everyone knows, female cats have only 8 teats. Feeling the distress of her daughter in feeding her kittens, the old mother started to develop more breast and to produce milk. Surprised by this phenomenon, the owner decided to bring the old female cat to the vet who diagnosed breast tumors. You understand that those tumors were the perfect biological solution to resolve the situation. By increasing the number of breast glands and producing milk, she was able to save the babies from starvation and death.

Here we discover a totally new approach to the meaning of the disease: the disease appears to be a program of adaptation for the survival of the species. The disease exists because it is needed as long as the stress exists. Once the stress disappears the disease becomes useless and will disappear spontaneously. Every disease serves a purpose and is always the best biological solution that the brain found. Yes, you heard it, it is the brain that triggers a disease and reverse it when it's time.

Disease is comparable to the process of tanning. When you stay under the sun, you will produce more melanin, the pigment that gives a dark color to the skin in order to protect yourself from the aggression of the sun. The sun here is the external  stress. The melanin is the biological solution of adaptation to the stress in order to survive. Away from the sun, the tanning might stay for a few days, then it will disappear because it's not needed anymore.

The stress for women developing breast cancer is called the “nest conflict”. It is a conflictual situation lived in a traumatic way regarding the nest (usually home) or one of its members such as the children, the husband, any other person living in the nest and, of course, the pets. The woman is experiencing in a dramatic way that something bad is happening to her nest or one of its members: it can be a real or virtual fear of beeing separated from her nest or one of the person in the nest. A woman discovering that her husband is cheating on her or that a child is about to leave home to move in with her boyfriend are very common situations.

Deprogramming the disease at the cellular level means neutralizing, at its root, the stress that triggers and maintains the disease. For that, we explore the person’s life and her ancestors’ life where the ultimate source resides. Once the stress is released, illness has no sense anymore therefore it tends to spontaneously disappear at the cellular level, deprogramming at the same time future generations. This is the moment where the journey of empowerment starts, a unique and magical time where we reprogram our lives and free ourselves from family patterns. 

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