Cancer Can Heal On Its Own


By Marie A. Boularand in Natural Awakenings November, 2014

For years, doctors and researchers relentlessly claimed that cancer could not regress on its own. Although some cases were regularly reported, the public was never informed about them. For this reason, cancer was stamped with a death sentence in the public’s mind if left untreated.

On November 26th, 2008, the New-York Times, Washington Post, USA Today and CNN published the results of a research study on breast cancer conducted by a group of American and Norwegian researchers. Their study, published in the Nov. 24 issue of The Archives of Internal Medicine, revealed that “even invasive cancers may go away without treatment and in larger numbers than anyone ever believed.”

This fact is not new in the alternative medicine arena. For decades, alternative health practitioners have witnessed spontaneous remission of cancer in patients who refused any conventional and sometimes alternative treatments. But “No scientific proof supports the possibility of spontaneous healing of cancers”, and for good reason, “since almost every cancer that is detected is treated, it seemed impossible even to ask what would happen if cancers were left alone” says the article. Therefore the majority of conventional doctors and researchers don’t have a clue what the evolution of cancer would be if not treated.

The fact that many cancers can heal on their own forces us to reconsider the relevance of systematically inflicting the barbarian “cancer killer” protocols that western medicine vigorously imposes on patients. Like the research study proves, this new reality would drastically change the whole picture about cancer. “If the spontaneous remission hypothesis is credible, it should cause a major re-evaluation in the approach to breast cancer research and treatment,” wrote Dr. Kaplan, of the University of California, and Dr. Franz Porzsolt of the University of Ulm, Germany, in an editorial that accompanied the journal article about their study.

According to the statement in the Washington Post, “Cancer experts have long suspected that some cancers may grow and then, for reasons that are unclear, simply shrink and disappear.” “The problem is, we don’t know the natural history of cancer,” says Dr. Jay Brooks, chairman of hematology/oncology at Ochsner System in Baton Rouge, LA. He adds: “I am sure there are some that do regress. The problem is we can’t pick up those that are going to regress. It’s one of the unanswerable questions.”

Yet, there is a man who found the answer to the “unanswerable question” 30 years ago! His name is Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, a German Doctor who worked many years as the head of the oncology department in a major hospital in Germany. In 1981, he wrote his discoveries about the biological and emotional cause of cancer in a post-doctoral thesis presented at the Research University of Tubingen, Germany. Even to this day the university has refused to verify his theories through the mandatory clinical research the university is required by law to conduct for every post-doctoral thesis. This refusal is an unprecedented case in medical history and irreversibly damaged Dr. Hamer’s career and life. But the biggest loser in all of this is ultimately the public which has been deprived of these life-altering discoveries for 3 decades.

Despite the heavy retaliations and sanctions issued by several countries of the European Community, Dr. Hamer never stopped teaching his German New Medicine to thousands of doctors, scientists and alternative health practitioners from around the world, who in turn verified his theories. Somehow, the groundbreaking findings never found their way into medical literature or mainstream media.

Until recently, two scientists, Paul Davies of the Arizona State University and Charles Lineweaver of the Australian National University, conducted a research study that confirmed Dr. Hamer’s theories regarding the biological origin of cancer. Davies says in a paper published February 7, 2014 in the UK Institute of Physics journal Physical Biology,

“Cancer is not a random bunch of selfish rogue cells behaving badly, but a highly-efficient pre-programmed response to stress, honed by a long period of evolution.”

In plain words, cancer is an ancient survival program that has been stored in our cellular genome since the creation of life on earth and has been passed on from generation to generation to insure the survival of the species. It is suddenly activated when one faces an unexpected and overwhelming stressful situation that is perceived as life-threatening.

“Our new model should give oncologists new hope because cancer is a limited and ultimately predictable atavistic adversary,” says Lineweaver. “Cancer is not going anywhere evolutionarily; it just starts up in a new patient the way it started up in the previous one.” The same is true for its healing.

Dr. Hamer went deeper in detailing the exact course of evolution of virtually any type of cancer and disease from the moment it flares up to its complete (and often spontaneous) healing. He also established a precise correlation between a specific type of cancer and a specific emotional conflict through an innovative interpretation method.

Through clinical practice with thousands of patients, he proved without a shadow of a doubt that once the person identifies and resolves the emotional conflict that triggered the appearance of cancer in the first place, cancer regresses on its own and the body resumes its normal functioning naturally.

Today, doctors and scientists are daring to openly question the official version and contradict it with the support of scientific proof. But huge financial interests are at stake and Big Money and Big Pharma are not ready to lose their highly profitable cancer business. It is up to the people to get informed and make a choice since these discoveries may take another decade to be officially recognized.

In light of this new understanding of the biological and emotional origin of cancer, there is now an option to successfully approach the disease in a more serene and empowering way. Many alternative health practitioners around the world have trained in this revolutionary approach and can efficiently accompany the person in her healing journey.

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