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The Institute

The Biodecoding® Institute is an international educational platform offering a variety of services in the field of Biodecoding®. The Institute was founded in 2003 by Marie A. Boularand who had the vision to make this revolutionary healing approach available to the widest range of people around the world by means of reaching the international English-speaking community.

The Biodecoding® Institute offers comprehensive educational and certification programs for anyone wanting professional development or searching for self-help and health independence. Whether you want to become a Certified Biodecoding® Practitioner or you just want to educate yourself, we offer an array of options to pursue your goal through residential and online courses.

We also offer private consulting by certified practitioners for people looking to address their physical and emotional issues through a Biodecoding® approach.


Board of Directors

Christian Flèche

R.N., Psycho-bio-therapist, Master NLP Trainer and Ericksonian Hypnotherapist.

He created the concept of Biodecoding® in 1993, an innovative and global approach to physical and emotional healing which grew in popularity in France. Due to an increasing demand in trained professionals, he founded a school in France École de Décodage Biologique® where he offers educational and certification programs. Over the years his courses expended overseas training hundreds of people yearly in over 8 countries. His teachings are now available in English through the Biodecoding® Institute and in Spanish at When he is not traveling, Flèche continues his research and writes. He is the author of 22 books among which several are bestsellers and translated in several languages.

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Marie Boularand Biodecoding of Christian Fleche

Marie A. Boularand

Naturopath, Psycho-bio Therapist and NLP Practitioner

Founder and manager of the Biodecoding® Institute, she has been practicing and teaching alternative medicine for the past 20 years in France and the United States. Trained by Christian Flèche, she partnered with him to spread the Biodecoding® method within the international English-speaking community. She is in charge of developpig the online and residential courses in English. When she is not managing the institute or assisting online students, she gives private sessions and teaches live seminars.

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Team of teachers


The teaching of our courses is provided by a team of certified trainers who work in close collaboration with Christian Flèche. Depending on their professional backgrounds, degrees and focus of interest, each teacher brings a specific coloration to the training, offering a rich learning experience. This integrative training method allows students to approach Biodecoding® from various therapeutic angles.


-- Christian Flèche: R.N.; Master NLP Trainer; Hypnotherapist; Psycho-bio Therapist (TM)

-- Marie A. Boularand: Naturopath, NLP Practitioner, Biodecoding® Practitioner, Psycho-bio Therapist (TM).

-- Béatrice Bourau-Glisia: Ph.D.; Psycho-bio Therapist

-- Jean Guillaume Salles: Master NLP Trainer; Hypnotherapist; Psycho-bio Therapist (TM)

-- Pierre Oliver Gély: M.D.; Homeopath; Psycho-bio Therapist (TM)

-- Brigitte Penot: Master NLP Trainer; Life Coach

-- Mirella Vallance: Psycho-bio Therapist (TM)

-- Stephanie Malavialle : Psycho-bio Therapist (TM).

-- Gladys Helena Tobar: MD, Psycho-bio Therapist



Our Mission Statement


The Biodecoding® Institute's primary mission is:

-- to educate the international English-speaking community in the field of Biodecoding® through seminar, books, videos and private consulting, whether on-site or online.

-- to maintain the integrety of the modality and harmonize the educational and certification programs worldwide.

-- to offer an educational and certification curriculum that meets the strict requirements of the International Federation of Biodecoding®.

-- to preserve the brand identity and insure the legal use of the trademark Biodecoding® worldwide.




Biodecoding® is a trademark therefore it cannot be used without the written authorization of its legal representatives.

The goal of a trademark is to maintain the integrity of the brand and the quality of any professional offerings in the world which are tied to that brand. All too often, promising and innovative methods see their message and uniqueness 'watered down' by those who lack of expertise to represent it with integrity, even if unintentionally.

The protection of this integrity and the maintenance of the brand identity enable those consuming products, services and trainings to trust they're getting a level of quality true to what the person who created the brand set up. This consumer protection is the original intent and primary goal of trademark law.

To this end, Biodecoding® was trademarked to guarantee the originality and state of Excellency of the teachings and professional skills, as well as to maintain the highest standard of ethics and competency among Biodecoding® Practitioners and Teachers worldwide. Before consulting a Biodecoding® practitioner or teacher, verify that the person is certified by the Biodecoding® Institute and its legal representatives to offer products, services or trainings under the name Biodecoding®. Thank you for helping us to pursue this goal. Top


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