What can I expect?

photo4Biodecoding® is the kind of therapy where, while you expect the consultant to help you find a solution to resolve your health issues, you will be instrumental in the outcome.

This approach enables you to identify the events that have triggered emotional conflicts, which is at the origin of your current health issues. The answers are often found through the overview of your personal and ancestors' history. This aknowledgement of your family roots and the connection with your life cycles will bring you a greater awareness and better understanding of what brought you to your actual health challenge. Identifying the conflicts, enables you to create life changes and to free yourself and your lineage from life and family patterns. The Biodecoding® approach support the spontaneous body self-healing abilities in the respect of the bio-logical laws of nature. Nevertheless, we strongly advice you to follow complementary treatments while resolving the emotional aspect of your health condition.

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How many sessions should I plan?

A minimum of 3 sessions is usually recommended to begin with per each specific health condition. Since every individual is different, we cannot determine precisely how many sessions are required. The nature of the issue, its seriousness, your physical and mental abilities, your involvement in the process, are as many criteria that will determine the speed and the success of the process.

Some indviduals will experience an immediat result after the first session when others will need a longer commitment. During the sessions, we encourage each individual to check regularly their progress with the supervision of their physicians for maximum safety.

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How long does a session last?

The first session lasts 90 minutes. Afterwards, depending on the nature of your objective, the seriousness of the health issue, your level of commitment and your financial comfort, we offer different types of sessions that vary in length and fee. Follow this link to see your options.

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Scheduling a session

To schedule a session, please contact us

by phone at 321.989.2189 or

by e-mail at info@biodecoding.com

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Phone and Skype sessions

The quality of the sessions and the type of results expected are similar to a session in person. Please contact us for arrangements.

Phone/skype sessions must be prepaid. In order to maintain your session, we need to receive your payment at least 48hrs prior your scheduled session.

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Session's fees & payment options

For sessions' fees FOLLOW THIS LINK.

Prices mentioned on this website are for online payments and payments by check. Payments in CASH receive a DISCOUNT. Call us for details.

We do NOT accept credit/debit cards at the office but you can pay your sessions using our online wire transfer through the services of Paypal (any major credit/debit cards accepted / no need of a Paypal account). Call us first if you choose the online payment option. Online wire transfers have to be made at least 48 hours prior the scheduled session.

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Cancelation policy and no-show

We understand that you may encounter unexpected changes in your life or you may change your mind. In order to respect the practitioner's time and practice, we have a 48 hours cancellation policy. Any sessions cancelled less than 48 hours prior the scheduled appointment, will be fully charged (no refund). Same will apply for no-show. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

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The information and materials shared during Biodecoding® sessions, seminars and workshops are for educational purpose and personal empowerment only.

Biodecoding® sessions, seminars and workshops are not intended to replace any medical diagnosis or treatements. It is the responsability of each individuals to do what is necessary and safe for their health condition.

Note: You are free to stop your sessions at any time during the course of sessions/seminars/workshops without any further obligations.

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